New events in the frame of Caminul Cultural 2015

New events in the frame of Caminul Cultural 2015

Caminul Cultural is back with a new series of events that will unfold from October to December 2015.
This time, our project will have at its core violence as a general form of manifestation, in several of its instances, as well as the domination that seems inherent to almost all social relations and connections.
In this context, Caminul Cultural decided to support and show projects which speak openly about some things we don’t really discuss publicly.
Caminul Cultural opens the way to dialogue but it cannot do it by itself. We certainly need you. You are welcome to join Caminul!

Caminul Cultural is a project administered by Solitude Project Cultural Association and made possible with the support of ERSTE Foundation. Manuel Pelmus, Farid Fairuz, Brynjar Bandlien and Radu Leșevschi are the people who made it happen.

Nick Srnicek și Helen Hester, Nico Vaccari, Eugen Jebeleanu, Apparatus 22, Alexandra Pirici, Raluca Voinea and Farid Fairuz are some of the guests in Caminul Cultural 2015.

Manifesto For The Gynecene - Sketch For A New Geological Era
29 October 2015, 19:00
tranzit. ro/ București,
Str. Gazelei nr. 44, sector 4

Caminul Cultural and Tranzit Bucuresti
invite you for a talk with

Alexandra Pirici and Raluca Voinea
Manifesto For The Gynecene - Sketch For A New Geological Era

manifesto excerpt:
" We declare the imperative necessity for a new geological era to be commenced, before the Anthropocene is even officially admitted on that scale (it might be that by the time it gets fully acknowledged, it will be too late). Rather than continue to contemplate our annihilation, contributing to it or declaring hopelessness in front of it, we should at least try another approach – and this approach has to exclude patriarchy in all its expressions and institutionalized forms of violence: domination, exploitation, slavery, colonialism, profit, exclusion, monarchy, oligarchy, mafia, religious wars.
This new geological era can be thought of as the Gynecene."

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